Summary of Covers

Your Academy Cover insurance policies are provided and underwrittn by our partners.  You can download the latest policy information here;

The main areas of insurance cover such as property, liability and motor are underwritten by Zurich Municipal.

Below you will find the full Zurich Municipal policy wording along with a useful summary of cover document that provides a summary of the significant features, benefits and limitations of the cover provided.

The full terms, conditions and exclusions are also shown in the policy wording and please read in conjunction with your personal policy schedule.

Schools (Academies) Select Policy
MAIG – Summary of Cover (Zurich) – FINAL v1

These insurance covers are provided by CHUBB Insurance Company, formally known as ACE European Group Ltd.

Please ensure you read in conjunction with the MAIG group policy schedule, which is issued separately.

MAIG – ACE Business Class PA and Travel Policy Wording (CHUBB)
MAIG – Off-Site Activities Summary of Cover (CHUBB)
MAIG – ACE OSA Helpline Card 2014

If you have opted for terrorism cover this is provided through Arthur J Gallagher and underwritten through Lloyds Syndicates.

Attached is the policy schedule and wording for the Midland Academy Insurance Group Policy.

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Zurich Summary of covers

ACE European Group Polocy Summary